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Setting up e-mail notifications in PPC Robot is quick and easy!

Step by step guide to setup e-mail notifications

Step 1:  Go to the Settings tab/page

Click on Settings in the navigation bar, which will take you to this page: 

Step 2:  Enable, add/verify e-mail address

If not already enabled, flip the switch to enable e-mail notifications.  If your preferred e-mail address is not already in the E-mail field, then add it, or if it is there simply verify that it is correct.

Step 3:  Set frequency

E-mail notifications will be sent as a daily summary, and for most people, getting that e-mail in the morning, at the start of the work day, is the best option.  You are able to set the time according to your needs in the Send Daily Summary At box.  Also, if you prefer not to get any e-mails over the weekend, tick the Send on business days only box.  The time is based on your timezone, which you can set/verify in the Regional Settings tab:

Step 4:  Select notifications

You can choose which notifications will be included in the e-mail by ticking the box next to the categories you want.  The following brief description of each category should help you to decide which to include.

Generic and Unknown Errors - this category includes all generic and unknown errors (usually bugs) within PPC Robot, which need to be addressed by our IT experts.  If you need additional help with these errors feel free to contact us using the chat box at the bottom of the screen in the PPC Robot UI.

Input Errors - this category includes errors in the report setup and can be fixed by editing the report setup.

Output Errors - this category includes errors with the report output, either to Google Sheets or to Excel.

Performance Notifications - this category includes notifications about campaigns, ad groups, ads, and so on, that are under-performing, or in which the performance can be improved.

URL Checker - this category will let you know when your URL Checker report returns a bad URL.

Custom Notifications (1,2,3) - these categories are groups that you set when creating custom notifications.

Step 5:  Click save

When you have everything set to your liking, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.

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