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The MCC report template gives you a clean and concise view of all your selected accounts in one spreadsheet.  Not only can you utilize any of the standard API metrics, but you can also use any of our custom metrics (i.e. PNO, ROAS, sparkline, trend, etc.).  You can even create multiple MCC reports, one for e-commerce accounts and one for CPA accounts, and using labels you can quickly and easily update which accounts are included in which report.  Even if you have hundreds of accounts and utilize a number of different metrics, your report output will be easily viewable in a clean and concise report; for this reason we recommend using the Google Sheets output for ease of viewing, sharing, and updating.


In addition to all the standard Google Ads API metrics, you can also utilize some of our custom metrics for the MCC report.  You can also create 2 different types of MCC reports, one for CPA and one for ROAS, and add the appropriate metrics for each.


Select your account in the next (Account) drop-down menu.  Then, with the Client Accounts drop-down you have three options:  Only Selected Accounts, All Accounts Except Selected, and Only Selected Accounts , and Only Accounts With Label.  

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With the first option you must manually select which accounts you would like to apply the report to. The second option automatically selects all accounts associated with your Google Ads account, and then you must select the accounts you don’t want to apply the MCC report to.  With the second option you must manually select which accounts you would like to apply the report to. With both of these options there is a search bar where you can search for accounts or labels by name, and then manually add or remove accounts individually.

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With Only Accounts With Label, you must have a label attached to your accounts in Google Ads (see top for information on how to add account labels in Google Ads) in order to use this option.  If you have a label or multiple labels, you can easily apply the MCC report to all accounts with that label.  The benefit of this is that when you add or remove accounts in Google Ads, if you keep the labels updated, your MCC report will automatically include all active accounts with the selected label.