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Set up your goals for each account you manage.

Setting up goals in PPC Robot is a great way to utilize some of the metrics that require a set budget or targets, whether CPA or PNO.

In order to setup goals, click on the "Accounts" tab and then select the account you want to create a goal for (or use the search filter to find it right away).  Once you've selected the appropriate account, you will see the account number and the currency of the account.  At this point you can fill in the monthly budget amount and select the goal type.  There are two types to choose from, Regular Website (CPA), and E-commerce Website (ROAS).

For the Regular Website (CPA) you will input the Target CPA in the currency of the account.

For the E-commerce Website (ROAS) you will input the Target ROAS percent.

Once you've input your data, just click on "Save" and then do the same for the rest of our account or start creating reports!

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