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The Reports Browser shows all of your reports and folders, arranged by name, with folders on top of reports.  At the top there is a navigation bar which shows you which folder you are in (Root Folder being the default).  You can sort your reports by any of the columns except for Type, and folders will always remain at the top of the list.

Navigation Bar

By default you will see the Root Folder, but once you click on a folder, you will see the navigation for the folder you are in.  To go back to the previous folder simply click on the name of the folder.  The current folder is in bold.  For more on folders and organizing, check out the organizing your reports page.

Name Column

The thin color bar on the left will let you know the status of the report.  Green is shown when a report has run successfully without any errors or warnings.  Red shows when there is a warning or error.  And no color, with a grayed out report, will show for new reports that haven't been run yet and for suspended reports.

Clicking on the name of a report will retrieve the report output.  If the report is setup to output to Google Sheets, then a new tab will open in your browser with the report in Google Sheets.  If the report is setup to output to Excel, then a download will be initiated of the report Excel file.

Type Column

The Type column simply gives you the report type.

Number of Reports Column

The # of Reports column will show you the number of reports in each folder.

Warnings Column

The Warnings column will show you if there is an error or warning, and how many there are.  Errors can be bad urls in the URL Checker report, as well as unknown errors within PPC Robot.  Warnings are based on the custom notifications you have setup within a report.

Last Updated Column

The Last Updated column will let you know when a report has been successfully run.  If a report is new and hasn't been run yet, "Never" will be displayed.

Next to the date there is either a green circle, meaning everything is ok, or a pause symbol, meaning that the report has been suspended.  If you would like to suspend or enable a report, simply click on this icon and select Suspend or Enable.


Unnamed Column

In the far right, unnamed column you will see a few useful icons.  For folders you will see a rename icon and an ellipsis which has the extra option to delete the folder.

For reports you will see an edit report pencil, a run report play button, and an ellipsis with the extra options to rename, copy, and delete the report.  If you click on "Copy" you will be taken to the report setup for the report that you want to duplicate where you can make any changes you would like and then name, save, and run the new duplicate report.

For more on renaming, deleting, copy, and organizing, check out the organizing your reports page.

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