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For all PPC Robot reports there are two options for output, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel (XLSX) stored in Google Drive.

Both of these options will create a file in your Google Drive (in the folder called PPC Robot which is automatically created by PPC Robot).  

Google Sheets

With Google Sheets you will be able to simply click on the report name in the Reports Overview screen and be taken to the online spreadsheet.  The benefit of Google Sheets output is that it is saved online, it is easy to update, and it is easy to share with others.  Also, any filtering, formatting, or additional columns added after the last column in the report will be saved even after updating the report (for more on this check out the example in the custom reports output).  The downside of Google Sheets is that it has a limit of 400,000 cells, a maximum of 256 columns, only 40,000 cells containing formulas, and other functional limitations.  If possible, we recommend using the Google Sheets output for ease of viewing, sharing, and updating.


With the Excel file, once you click on the report name, the report will download to your default local downloads folder on your computer.  The benefit of Excel output is that there is no limit to how many cells the report may contain.  The downside to Excel is that each time the report runs you will need to download a new version of that report, therefore any changes made to the original file will not be included in the new file.

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