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Notifications are how PPC Robot tells you that something is wrong or needs your attention.  There are multiple notification categories but only two main types:  errors (high severity) and warnings (low severity).  Errors occur when a report is unable to run/update.  This can be due to an internal error/bug within PPC Robot, or because of some bad configuration in the report setup, or even a problem with the output. Warnings are linked to the custom notifications you have setup as well as URL Checker errors and performance notifications.  Notifications aren't always negative, and in fact you can use them to your advantage.  

Here are just 3 simple ways you can use notifications to your benefit:

  1. You can utilize a custom notification to have PPC Robot let you know when your CPA goes over your target, or when you have zero impressions from the day before, and more! 
  2. Any time you have a bad URL in your ads, PPC Robot can let you know right away to save you from wasting money on a bad link.  
  3. You can even use performance notifications to help you optimize your campaigns.  

When PPC Robot needs to notify you of some error or warning, there are a couple of ways this can happen.  

Notification Bell in User Interface

The first is with a badge over the notification bell in the user interface.  When this happens you can simply click on on the bell and see what is wrong, where the warning/error is, and how long ago PPC Robot identified the problem.  Un-clicked notifications have an orange background, while clicked notifications have a white background.  High severity (errors) notifications have a red bar on the left regardless of whether or not the notification has been clicked (and a red background on mouseover).  Low severity (warnings) notifications have an orange bar on the left when un-clicked and no bar once clicked (and a grey background on mouseover).  By clicking on an individual notification you will be taken to the output (for warnings) and report edit (for errors) for that specific report.

Notifications Center

To see all of your current and previous notifications in one place, with the possibility of filtering, check out the Notifications Center.

E-mail Notifications

PPC Robot can also send you daily e-mails with a summary of notifications.  By simply clicking on the error/warning you will be taken to the report output.  For more information check out our page on setting up e-mail notifications.

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